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Essnelle glass art is a partnership between Susan Burton and Linda Philp, friends of many years, coming together with a passion for glass art. 

Susan, Worcester born and bred, has had a long career in retail and has floristry qualifications. Linda, originally from Leeds, settling in Worcester in the mid 80’s, was a civil servant and more recently worked in education. They first met in 1990 when their eldest daughters started school together at primary school in Worcester. They have 6 children and 10 grandchildren between them. 

Arts and crafts has always been their passion, dabbling in numerous exploits including painting and pottery. However, after an introduction to cutting and fusing glass, they knew they were on a journey to create an endless range of beautiful art for homes and gardens. 

With a shared interest in gardening, light, colours, shapes and texture inspires their unique handmade art. Using Bullseye glass, exploring all the various techniques involved, the glass is fired and annealed in the kiln at their studio in Kenswick. 
Their studio is set in Susan’s garden in rural Worcestershire and is the showcase for their work. The Kenswick Manor west wing garden was designed and constructed by multi Chelsea gold winning garden designer, Peter Dowle, and this provides a great place to visit to meet Susan and Linda in their studio and view their creations.

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